Oct 232011

After watching this video, your pumpkin carving will take on a whole new life.

But first you have to get a pumpkin. Here’s few varieties:

A whole pile of pumpkins, gourds and squash

Can you count these? A lot!


Here’s a picture of my squash climbing up the back porch steps:

Wandering Squash

Heading up the steps and into the kitchen for some serious carving

Pumpkins are in the Gourd family, which includes summer squash, ornamental gourds and many kinds of pumpkins. They need sun and plenty of room to grow.  Give them good fertile soil.  They need regular water to grow well, but try to keep the foliage dry to prevent leaf disease. Pumpkins are ready to harvest 90 – 120 days after sowing, when the shell has hardened.

One of the best for jumbo Halloween pumpkins is  ‘Atlantic Giant”. Orange Smoothie is smooth skinned , making it easy to decorate with paint.

If you haven’t grown your own, go out and find one that has a great shape and looks healthy and firm.  That will help it last longer. Get the right tools for carving.  The right tool always makes the work easier.


Watch the video and have fun with your carving.

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