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I am happy to do on line consultations by phone or skype.  If you have questions about your garden that need more information than just a quicky answer in my blog, then email me and we can figure out a way to help you with your garden needs. This one is fee for services, not free for services!

You can email me at:

or call me at 415-488-0296


• New Landscaping
• Existing landscaping that needs a little help
• Sustainable, Edible and Native plantings
• French Intensive Gardening
• Water Catchment
• Fire Hazard assessment


• Landscape Drawing to Scale including photo imaging for clearer visualization

Landscape services: From simple consultations to full scale drawings

Landscape design:  Meeting with my clients and listening to their needs and desires, I provide a design suited to the site and budget. If necessary, we look at priorities and decide what can realistically be done now and what can be added later.  Usually I provide several rough sketches of various possibilities.  After choosing one, I finalize the plan so that a contractor can give a bid on the project. I follow the project through the end – choosing plants, laying out paths and beds and just generally acting as an advocate between contractor and client.

Landscape consultation – In person or on line I can help you.

Beautiful Paths

Path into the Garden

Some people only need an hour or two of on site consultation, renewing an existing site, looking at fire hazard assessment or water use.  I’m happy to come and give a work list.

Rainwater Catchment Systems

A new arena of work in Marin is water catchment.  With California being declared a drought emergency area, and looking at future water restrictions, we have to plan for alternate water sources.  In the winter, rainfall runs off our roofs and driveways and is lost both to the water table and to our gardens.  By catching water in the winter in storage tanks and using it in the summer, we can supplement our water sources, restore the water table and help prevent flooding in the winter.  Please talk to me about this exciting new area of landscape management.

Fire Hazard Assessment

Both the county and towns of Marin are now requiring Vegetation Management Plans in the wildland-urban interface.  These plans will help to reduce the hazard of fire by implementing plans that use fire resistant plants, reduce fuel loads, maintain defensible space, and planting matrixes that reduce the movement of fire. I am available to do these assessments.

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