Dec 082011
Red Rose in Winter

Red rose in winter

We’ve had frost in the garden the last few mornings, bright sunshine during the day. Different plants are trying to figure out what they’re supposed to be doing.  Most of the leaves have fallen off the roses, but still there are a few amazing blooms. Go to sleep or wake up. It’s a confusing time in Northern California for plants.

Short days, long nights, dormancy is tugging at most plants.  But already, the narcissus bulbs are shooting their green leaves through the soil and charging into the light.

Bulbs coming up in December

Here come the narcissus!









The Mexican Mock Orange, Choisya ternata, is in full bloom.


Mexican Mock Orange - winter bloom

Some plants are happy to bloom in winter


The last few Chrysanthemums in December, will soon go dormant

Above all, the garden is about change.  Every plant has its own needs and its own time to grow, bloom, die back and be reborn.  We can help it by protecting it from heavy frosts, or strong winds.  But in the end, you cannot fool mother nature.  She will have her way. Her laws are not ours to change, but to learn about and live with.

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