Nov 282011
Grateful Garden Gazebo
                             We give thanks for the gift of having a garden

At this time of year when we celebrate winter holidays we give thanks for the our family and friends.  For those of us with a dry roof and warm  home, we have much to be thankful for.

Chard in winter

If on top of that we have a garden that grows beautiful plants and delicious, healthy food, we have even more to be grateful for. When joining friends for dinner, it feels special to bring over a dish made from something we grew in the garden, whether it’s a simple squash soup or an apple crisp.

The better we take care of our gardens, the better they take care of us. With each conscious decision to improve our soil, make compost out of scraps, to deal with pests without pesticides and weeds without herbicides we take small steps forward towards recovering the health of the earth and ourselves. We benefit from our work, but also our larger community benefits.

The garden gives us options every day to make the world a little bit better.  A little more beautiful.  A little more healthy.

I feel grateful for the younger generation that is passionate about taking care of the earth. Climbing trees helps give a good perspective on life.


Climbing trees is a wonderful thing

A fresh view on the world


Let me know what you’re grateful for in your garden.


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