Oct 112011
Lay the material over the wire hoop to protect you plants

Lettuce under wire can be easily protected from cold weather

Now that Fall is here and we’re thinking about planting for the winter season, you should know about how to extend your growing season.

One really simple and effective product is  light weight material called a row cover.  You simply lay the material over your plants or vegetable beds.

Floating Row Covers protect plants from frost, while letting in sunlight, water and air.

  • Extend early and late growing seasons by providing frost protection down to about 28ºF
  • Aid germination by keeping soil moist
  • Prevent crusting of soil due to hard rains
  • Shield plants from insect pests, including virus-carrying aphids.

You can buy these online at Gardens Alive! an online store that specializes in organic and environmentally responsible products.

These covers can mitigate the effects of cold, but you still need to put in plants that can stand the cold.  It’s not like you can expect your warm weather crops to  thrive. Remember, we’re assisting these plants not changing they’re whole nature.

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Autumn leaf color in the Sierra Nevada mountains

Beautiful Fall colors


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