Aug 262011

Parsley (click on picture to enlarge)

Parsley (Petroselinum sativa), seen in the picture above is a very under rated herb.  Most people just use a few leaves for decoration on the plate, then throw it away.  But in fact, it is tasty and incredibly nutritious. There are two types of parsley. Flat leaf, as shown above, is the tastiest type for cooking. You can substitute some parsley for basil in making pesto sauce. Curly varieties make the most attractive garnish and are appealing as a low border in a flower bed.

It is a a biennial, meaning it last 2 years and grows in all zones. It is usually treated as an annual and planted every year. It is a great plant for containers and for small gardens.

Parsley is low in calories, high in fiber and high in Vitamin A,C and K. It is high in minerals, Iron and Calcium.  For more information on parsley read about it here:


Lavender is one of the best ornamental herbs.  It doesn’t need much care. It grows in poor soil, doesn’t need much water and pretty much takes care of itself.  It does need sun and good drainage.

Our local Ice cream store makes an unbelievable Vanilla lavender ice cream. It’s not too strong, and tastes divine.  Most people know lavender for its use in perfumes and sachets. But when I visited my sister in law last week she had put a spring of mint and a stalk of lavender in a pitcher of water. Ice cold it was one of the most refreshing drinks ever. I can still be surprised how many new ways people find to use herbs.

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