Aug 242011
Entering the garden

Leading to the Gazebo in the garden

Look through the fence to find a place to sit

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In a small garden, you can sit on the raised bed

Even the smallest gardens can have destinations. Once you’re in the garden, it is nice to have a place to go and sit. Different times of the day offer different sun/shade options. In the morning you may want to sit outside with your coffee in the sun, but later in the day when it gets hot you’ll be looking for some shade.

A quiet shady place to read

I encourage you to look for places to put a bench, chair, rock or log to sit on.You’ll be amazed at the new views you’ll have of your garden.


This chair is under the canopy of a flowering crab apple.  In the Spring it is full of flowers and in the summer, a cool and tranquil spot to look at the garden



This bench under the oak catches early morning sun and looks down on the garden. The picture below shows the view down into the garden from the bench on the left.









This swing is nestled in the shade of a leyland cypress hedge, near a year round creek. A good place to read a book and listen to the water.



Look around your garden and find a new place to sit and enjoy the view. You might be surprised with what you find in your own backyard.

There’s a even a lounge chair in the vegetable garden! Who has time for that?



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