Aug 022011
Grafted Apple

This apple tree has 4 varieties of apples

There are many wonderful plants to use in your edible landscape.  Of course, when I say edible, we’re thinking of what we humans like to eat, but it is also important to put in a variety of  plants for other wildlife like the birds, bees, butterflies and insects that pollinate and keep the garden healthy by keeping unwanted insects in check.

A fruit tree is a perfect landscaping choice. It has flowers and fruit, provides shade in the summer and allows sunlight in during the winter.  For a small garden you can find dwarf and semi dwarf varieties that stay small.

Fruit on climbing vines are also great. Grapes are an excellent choice for both food and shade when planted on an arbor.  Kiwi’s are more unusual and  grow in a wider range of climates than you might imagine.  Find out your local growing conditions by going to this great website :  When you type in your zip code they will give you your first and last frost dates and times to plant many varieties of edibles.

Kiwi on fence

This kiwi grows on a strong fence.

Beautiful Kale

This is a kale leaf.  I think it’s beautiful.  I guess all beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The more you like a plant, the better it looks.   You can grow all kinds of annual vegetables like kale, lettuce, peppers and eggplant amongst the flowers.

Eggplant seems to incite strong feelings in people. Some love it and some hate it. It is in the Solanum family which includes potatoes, tomatoes and ornamental nightshade plants that are poisonous.

Of course, the best landscaping choices are the plants you love to eat the most and are  suited to your climate and location.

The flower of the eggplant is also beautiful

Even on cloudy days the sunflower shines on you


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