Latest event, September 30, 2014

Lunch and Learn at IDEO, in San Francisco sponsored by The Fruitguys

Lunch and Learn outside at IDEO

Lunch and Learn outside at IDEO

Part of my work includes giving talks at tech companies for their employees on gardening: growing food in planters, composting, fruit trees and more. It’s becoming very popular. I bring plants, organic seeds and my ebook, The Spring Garden Made Easy, for everyone to take home. It’s a real change in their day from working at the computer.

This is something I could never have predicted even a few years ago.  Trying to keep up with all the changes!

So go ahead and click on the blog and start getting information for your gardening needs and desires.

“Avis, thank you so very much for the wonderful garden tour and education on Saturday. Your workshop is wonderful. I can’t wait to come again!” K.L.

 “I really enjoyed your workshop immensely, and you are a lovely teacher.” R.R.

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  Avis, this is beyond helpful! You have surpassed Sunset Magazine with your blogs and  images. I’m making many of the mistakes you listed above and will be starting over in  the garden this weekend. Thanks so much! G.N.What a beautiful websight! I look forward to sharing it as it will be an inspiration for all. Also, our Fava Beans just came in…. you missed them by about twenty minutes. W.B

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