In this section you will find a variety of landscape jobs I have done over the years.  They represent different kinds of challenges. You can browse them all or the ones that fit your challenge. I hope you will find ideas and inspiration for your own garden. There are so many ways to bring beauty, bounty and sustainability to your garden, no matter now small or how big.

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Challenge: Steep hill needs safe access and new terracing

This yard had very steep, old and uneven steps down to the patio. Our job was to make it not only safe, but beautiful.

Challenge: Remove Lawn Replace with Beauty and Bounty

Take an old lawn in the backyard and turn it into a beautiful, restful garden. It includes flowers, herbs, fruits and a fountain. It is low water and low maintenance.

Challenge: Remove Old Lawn and Replace with Gorgeous Edible Landscape

A yard with gazebo, flowers, native plants, herbs and fruit trees.

Challenge: A safe and fun place to play for children

Climbing structure woven like a Dreamcatcher.

Challenge: Another  steep sunny hillside

Along the California coast near Tomales Bay, the climate is cool and temperate all year long. On the steep hillsides you can have many months of color.

Challenge: A large yard for a family that entertains outside.

Access to different levels, shade from the hot sun, outdoor entertaining, fruit trees and a vegetable garden were all included in this backyard.

Challenge: An Accessible Place Landscape - Wheelchairs and Vision Impaired Are Welcomed

On a beautiful property on the American River in California, an amazing organization takes disadvantaged youth and people with disabilities white water rafting. They wanted the grounds to be accessible to all abilities, and to be in tune with the native plants of the area.

Challenge: A Tiny Courtyard and Front

Small places are especially challenging to landscape. Every square inch needs to be just right. Here's one way to use a small planting bed in the front entry.

The Nautilus - A Hanging Planter

My client wanted a beautiful, and unusual entry to her house. There was no actual ground for a garden to the entry of the house, but that was just a detail. I suggested that we use the walls as part of the ‘garden’ and wondered if she would let me build a hanging planter that would cover one of the walls. Thus was born the idea of the hanging planter, in the shape of the Nautilus.


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